Why should use your students SWAY in their Content creation?

sway microsoft

Would you like your students to take center stage? Would you like that they will be creative? Would you like that they´ll think contents for other students in other cities? Create them for future students? If you want to find the answers to these questions, we left 10 minutes of your time to show you what my students have done with the Microsoft Sway.

When I showed my students Sway first time, I told them was: “it’s like a large canvas where let your creativity to create content with all these possibilities”.

Insert all sorts of content from YouTube, Twitter, OneNote, Bing, Facebook, from your own computer, from OneDrive to get the content you want.
To be able to explore the creativity of your students may select the format and style, still with some options that will improve soon.
• Since yesterday, the option to edit a Sway with two editors

Vista Sway

Probably the most interesting is to show what we can do with Sway in the classroom. As a languages teacher, this tool offers us many possibilities:

Make presentations/recommendations of the held reading to create a library of recommendations to promote the Reading.
Research on a particular author, looking for complementary audiovisual material, such as interviews, readings of his poems.
Academic presentations on content like a genre as a literary period in Roman literature, as an example. These contents will be on the website of the Centre for subsequent courses.
Works shared with two editors, that offers us the possibility of working and sharing project in two different cities.
Work linguistic aspects of language (grammar, syntax, vocabulary).

editor 2

Why not let our students seek photographs and themselves from editing the words in their mother tongue and in which you are learning?
The options are as many as the creativity of your students, as teachers guide, we supervise its creation; if we give them the opportunities, and our students may surprise us. Would you like to check it? Introduce Sway and their creativity to build your presentation


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